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Hey guys! Do you like time travel stories? An incredible one happened to me recently. I was sorting boxes in my grandpa's garage and came across an old calculator. I wanted to check if it was still working, so I gave it new batteries, pressed ON… and everything disappeared. It was so dark that I couldn't see anything around me. I had a slight feeling of being pushed somewhere. A moment later, I could see again. I wasn't in the garage anymore but standing in the middle of a narrow street.

Walking around me were people dressed in kilt-like skirts and sandals. I looked around and, far away, I spotted a pyramid. Was it a Pyramid of Giza? Did that mean I was in Egypt? It seemed like the calculator was some sort of teleportation machine. But then another thought struck me: what if there was only one pyramid? There should have been three. This meant that the calculator didn't just teleport me through space, but through time, too. It was a time machine, and I was somewhere around 2550 B.C. when only one of Giza's great pyramids had been built!


Preview photo credit:
Black hole and astronaut. Abstract space wallpaper: By,
OSAKA, JAPAN – Apr 23, 2016: Use movie of Ready Player One. Photo of De Lorean from Back to the Future at Universal Studios Japan: By Usa-Pyon/,
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In ancient Egypt 0:34
In Indonesia in the year 2176 2:35
In the Atlantic ocean in the year 1912 4:51
On Pangea 6:36

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