Music video by Various Artists performing We Are The World 25 for Haiti: Behind the Scenes, Pt. 1. © 2010 We Are The World Foundation/

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  1. Jennifer Hudson line ” I’m A Witness” touched me, she’s such an amazing woman.. I cant’ wait to see and hear the new version, I’m sure I’ll tear up..

  2. I think it’s an AWESOME effort and hope that it reaches out and helps the people of Haiti get back up on their feet once again.. people need 2 STOP drinking „Haterade” and appriciate the work done here

  3. Ok. I’m going to say it! Most of these artists are so wealthy that if they would have gave even 5 million dollars each to help the people in Haiti they would still be richer than 80-90 % of the U.S.

  4. I urgently ask the whole planet to come and support us for this project, each person can bring a little smile for these children. You have to think that you have a lot of innocent children who die and suffer innocently. elsewhere crowned helped everywhere we ask now to help us to give every child’s smile for a beautiful smile thank you very nice sign Joker


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