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Best Meal Replacement Shakes
Nature's Bounty
Vega One

Best Isolate Protein Powder
FitMiss Delight
NLA for Her
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

Best Casein Protein Powder
Gold Standard 100% Casein
Dymatize Elite 100% Whey Protein
Dymatize Elite Gourmet

Best Vegan Protein Powder
Vega One
Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder
Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

While protein is taken by men and women to build muscle mass, it is also able to aid in the loss of weight, to help shred of excess fat and define lean muscle, for that lean shredded look everybody dreams of. Since not all proteins work the same, there are some things to keep in mind first before choosing the best protein for your case.

Today I will share with you tips on how to choose the best protein powder for you.

First and foremost, you need to figure out your personal goals. For example, are you looking to gain lean muscle mass? recover your muscles? or just sneak in some extra nutrient boost? Whatever your goals, writing them down so you can narrow down your selection afterwards.

In case you are looking to shed off some extra pounds, a meal replacement protein shake might come in handy. Protein shakes of this kind provide lean nutrients and are slow-releasing which means that they will ease your hunger for longer. Just mix them with water which has no extra calories and your lean smoothie is ready.

Now, if you are looking for fuel before or after workout you can try an isolate protein powder. Isolate protein powders work best in workouts because they release energy faster and you don’t need to wait to reap their benefits. Just make a shake prior you hit the gym and you are ready to go.

For those of you looking for a boost to their muscle gain diet, the answer is casein protein –casein is a milk protein that takes 6 to 8 hours to fully digest and so you can use this before bedtime. Don’t worry, your stomach won’t feel bloated afterwards.

The protein source you choose also does make a difference. For example a protein derived from milk is rich in all essential amino acids which boost energy and can even reduce stress. Soy protein, on the other hand, helps regulate cholesterol, support bones, and even reduce symptoms of menopause in women. Then for those on a vegetarian on vegan diet, some good protein sources are pea and hemp proteins. Check out the links in the description I have included some proteins and shakes that contain no animal ingredients.

The downside of many proteins is that they are often packed with added sugar and fat to make them taste better and be more filling. If you don’t want any extra calories that will ruin your weight loss efforts, you’ll have to choose a protein that is low in sugar and fat.

Last but not least–don’t be tempted to drink too much throughout your day. Proteins can quickly convert into fat if you are not wise with your dosages and frequencies and yes, you’ve guessed it–you’ll get the opposite results of what you are looking for.

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