Winter is coming, and it's time to prepare yourself AND your car for this tricky season. If you're lucky enough to live in the south where your wipers never get frozen to the windshield, it's one thing. But if you're not that lucky you sometimes have to spend hours digging my car out of snow! Well, it’s good there're have some useful tricks!

Do you know, for example, how to recognize black ice? Or how not to waste tons of time in the morning trying to defrost and warm up your car? Or why you should never pour warm water onto the windshield? Wanna save yourself quite a bit of time and effort in the winter months? Check out these tips!

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– If the tires aren't inflated well enough, you'll waste more fuel for each mile you travel.
– When your gas tank is almost empty, some condensation may form inside and, later, freeze in your fuel lines. And one morning, your car just won't start!
– Black ice gets formed when the temperature drops down to 32 degrees F and below, and at the same time, it's raining.
– Black ice can also form because of a slight difference in temperatures.
– But (surprise-surprise!) black ice isn't actually black. It got such a nickname because when a thin layer of clear ice appears on the road, it looks shiny black.
– If you didn't manage to identify black ice in time and hit a patch of it, do NOT slam the brakes or start to steer your car. It may lead to a crash.
– Try to stay calm (I know, I know!) and slow down naturally by taking your foot off the accelerator.
– Make sure that you leave your car with its front facing the east. This way, the rising sun will warm your vehicle, melting all the frost and ice from the windshield in the process.
– Mix two-thirds of isopropyl with one-third of water and pour this liquid into a spray bottle. Then dig your car out of the snowdrift that has formed overnight and spray the solution on the windshield.
– Or you can prevent your windshield from getting frozen altogether! If you leave your car outside, cover the windshield with an old sheet, a towel, a tarp, or whatnot.
– But whatever you do, do NOT pour warm water onto the windshield. If the difference in temperatures between the water and the air outside is too big, this hot-water-pouring trick is likely to leave you with several cracks on the windshield!
– Never save on windshield washer fluid! If you run out of washer fluid somewhere along the way, your visibility will drop, which will mean DANGER!

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