Those who’ve paid attention to Danish singer MØ know that she has a way with killer hooks. From her solo work to key collabos with Diplo, Snakehips, Elliphant and others, she’s made a big mark on the dance pop landscape in the last few years. To kick off our ‘Dream Date’ series, we had Vevo’s Kim Taylor Bennett bounce around NYC’s East Village with the singer. Together they tried on clothes at Trash and Vaudeville, had a heart to heart about the rigors of romance in Tompkins Square Park and discussed her upcoming music while sipping a cocktail at Dream Baby.

Producer: Kim Taylor Bennett

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  1. They always try to go for the „are you selling out your punk roots” angle in the interviews. The fact she never cares to defend her choice at all and just fully embraces the pop title gives them their answer completely because she knows punk isn’t just a genre of music like most interviewers think it is when they ask that question. Her mannerisms cannot be acted, her clothing style cannot be faked, this is someone who was immersed in a punk scene for a long time and lived that life. Tons of pop stars try to fake this punk image (like taylor swift with her latest album cover for example) unlike Karen who is the polar opposite, an actual punk who is doing pop music and embraces the title as opposed to a pop star who tries to shun the pop image pretending to be punk. Yup MØ is the genuine fucking article, this is impossible to fake.

    • You know what sounds stupid? not knowing that it’s scientifically proven that people who swear alot has a big vocabulary, thus not exactly stupid, maybe stupid in your opinion but we already established that you would be considered conventionally stupid.

  2. I’ll date MØ, not because she’s a little bit famous, I’ll do it because she is too fucking gorgeous!!!! And natural!!! I love her!!!

  3. Spontaneous yet amazing interview! I loved the questions and the chemistry. Nothing faked or awkward at all, so good 🙌 thanks to all the people involved in bringing to us this interview with one of my favorite artists🌹


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