Matt Maeson – Beggar's Song (Live Performance)

Matt Maeson learned a lot about the power of song while touring with his parents’ ministry, playing music at prisons and biker rallies across the country. He began writing his own songs after going through a particularly rebellious period in his late teens, and posted his work on Soundcloud. When his track “Grave Digger” gained traction, it caught the ear of Atlantic Records' affiliate and tastemaker label Neon Gold, who signed him on the spot. We've been fans since hearing his 'Who Killed Matt Maeson' and its followup, 'The Hearse.' He was rolling through New York, so we grabbed him for a stripped-down performance of his latest track, "Beggar's Song" from the upcoming album, 'Bank On The Funeral,' due April 5.

Director: Bram VanderMark
Logistics Producer: Maddy Schmidt
Editor: Kevin Rose
Talent Producers: Gabby Prisciandaro, Rhudy Correa

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Matt Maeson

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  1. Your voice make me feel like no person in the world 💔 i don’t know this feeling 😞 but yoi are amazing 😍

  2. just saw him with needtobreathe. incredible performance, and a sweet guy. he has been such an influence in my life lately💕💕

  3. You know when an artist sounds exactly the same live, as they do on their recorded material…..They Are Something Special! Thank You for your genius Matt, you are needed this day and age!

  4. Please never lose your passion, and please never stop making music. You’re touching so many souls with what you’re doing man. Keep up the great work!

  5. I love that he turned his battle into something beautiful. So many addicts including myself can relate so deeply.


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