Yes, she's a YouTube hero, pop culture celeb and social media influencer, but remember the realm where Loren Gray got her start: So between the makeup tutorials and candid friends 'n' fam moments, this Teen Choice Award nominee has turned her lip-singing into interpretations of her favorite hits and recently, a full-on career as an artist. Which only seems right. Check the fun at the center of Gray's "My Story," and you'll hear the reason that so many of her fans swoon when it comes up on the playlist. We had a chance to hang with Gray, so we had her come in an share some of her experience discussing breakups. "Bad relationships are good for you," she declares at the start. See what happens when she speaks about becoming more cautious and confident after a romance goes sideways.

Producer: Jayson Rodriguez

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  1. Okay so, a 16 years old girl talks about breakups , while a 20 years old (me) still practice kissing on my pillow.
    Not fair.

  2. When a 16 year old girl talks about past relationships
    And I’m 19 years and still virgin and never had a girlfriend
    What a life 😩

  3. I’m personally going to look to her for advice on all aspects of my personal life. Thanks for the wisdom, VEVO. Unsubscribed.

  4. All these people in the comments saying that she shouldn’t talk about relationships bc she’s too young. But the fact that she has learned from it and how to not let people talk you down or change you whether it’s a friend or a partner is really important especially since she has a young following that could use her advice. Y’all too quick to criticise everything.

  5. Just cause you’re only 14-16 years old does not mean you can’t not go through the same as a 18-25 relationship doesn’t matter what age you are they’re difficult for everyone.

  6. Wow people are so mean to Loren. I mean let her do what she does. She’s 16 she can make her own decisions don’t need anyone what to tell her to do. Ly lor ❤️💋


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