Motivation is a very powerful tool that can help you overcome your biggest challenge. However, learning how to get motivated to work out is one of the most challenging things to do. If you’re looking for ways to get motivated to exercise, here are 9 tips for you.

1.Set a schedule Think of working out as an important meeting with yourself. You wouldn’t cancel a meeting with your boss so why cancel one with yourself? You don’t need an hour; you can get just as great of a workout in 30 min as you can in an hour. It’s all about intensity! Every Sunday look at your week ahead and block out the times you are going to workout.

2.Buy nice workout clothes When you invest in attractive training gear, you might actually feel motivated to wear it for exercise. Post a selfie or two in them on your social media and announce your fitness goals to the world. This is one of the best ways how to motivate yourself to exercise.

3.Start really, really small The smaller you start, the easier it is to get it done. Take the pressure off and set your workout goals really small. For example, how about just 5 minutes of exercise a day? Too much? Then make it 3 minutes. The most important part is that you do it every day, same time, same place – give it some structure. The next week, try adding another 5 minutes per day.

4.Find a partner Two is always better than one. Finding a partner to help you walk through this difficult and challenging journey of losing weight is very important. Having someone to always count on, cheer you on, workout out with as well as be accountable to will increase your chances of staying on track even when thing get tough.

5.Focus on your progress Instead of thinking about how far you’ve got to go, think about how far you’ve come. Tracking your progress and before photos help a long way with this.

6.Listen to motivating music or listen to audio books Music is a great motivator. Listen to upbeat music that you love and work out on its tune. You can also listen to audio books. Many people use these tools for much needed fitness motivation.

7.Look for a cool new place to workout If you don't like going to the gym because you think it's boring or it gets old try exercising outside. Go to a park or go hiking, or wherever else you like exercising. Going outside can improve your mood and make you want to actually exercise.

8.Learn from experiences. Speak to a friend who had to deal with being overweight once upon a time. Or read experiences of people online who have transformed their lives after just a few months of working out.

9.Have fun! Fitness is fun. Find something that makes you happy!

Now use these fitness motivation tips and get your health back on track.

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