For some people, weight gain is as painful as weight loss for others. Are you a "hard gainer" or just want to build up lean muscles? Check out these methods and let us know in the comments which methods work for you!

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Change your diet 1:04
Eat more protein-rich foods 2:24
Always carry a healthy snack 3:21
Build your muscles 4:37
Stay motivated 6:21

– Since our body composition is 80% diet, we should not ignore the cruсial role of food in a weight gain struggle. An average person needs around 3500 calories to gain a pound. You need an extra 500 calories a day if you want to put on extra weight in a week.
– Protein is the key for muscle building; it will help you gain muscle weight rather than fat mass. Good sources of protein are red meat and poultry, eggs, whole grains. Salmon is high in calories and healthy fats.
– Diet on vegetables and fruits. Choose them smartly though: vegetables with calories are much better than watery ones. Choose avocado, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn. Fruits like bananas, blueberries, grapes, and mangoes can give you calories and fiber.
– The basis of your training should consist of squats, deadlifts, presses, and push-ups. These train multiple muscles and familiar to all. If you see the progress in weight gain in a week or two, feel free to add in other exercises. Cardio strengthens your heart and burns chubby belly fat.
– Be strongly committed to what you started and remember why you did. We advise you track your success. Make a food and workout journal to see, where you started and where you need to get. You can download an app that will help you keep track of your accomplishments.

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