In this How to make Great Tea video, we used Sencha Green Tea leaves and Twinings Green Tea bags. Honey Lemon Green Tea and Herbal Green Tea with Tulsi or Mint leaves was also made.
Green Tea is low in calories and it gives lot of benefits to health. Sencha tea is good for skin. Green tea benefits are: it helps prevent cholesterol, heart attacks and has anti cancer properties.
How much caffeine in green Tea/100g of leaves: Sencha:2.3g; Matcha 3.2g
Green tea calories: Sencha Tea 208calories/100g; Matcha Tea gives 176 calories/100g of tea. Green tea has some caffeine so it is advisable to consume in limited quantities for best health benefits.

***Green Tea Recipe 4 Ways***

Recipe 1: How to make green tea with Sencha Green Tea Leaves

Recipe 2: Green Tea using Twinings Green Tea bags

Recipe 3: Honey Lemon Green Tea

Recipe 4: Herbal Green Tea with Tulsi or Mint Leaves

Ingredients: Follow along the video, there are not many.
Recipe Time: Less than 10 minutes

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How much caffeine in green Tea/100g of tea leaves:
Sencha:2.3g; Matcha 3.2g,
Green tea calories:
Sencha Tea 208calories/100g of green tea,
Matcha Tea 176 calories/100g of tea,
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