Fifth Harmony – ASK:REPLY
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Fifth Harmony answers fan questions in this exclusive Vevo ASK:REPLY!

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  1. i have to watch every video at least five times to focus each time  on each one ‘cause i dont wanna miss anything hahah

  2. When Camila and Lauren sit next to each other I always get excited… Don’t judge (I like their friendship not relationship)

  3. OMG Camila and Normani touched elbows!! Dinah is sitting next to Ally!! And Dinah is sitting by Normani! So amazing! I’m dead

  4. Camila looking sad at 2:59, but when Ally mentioned camilasmonkey at 3:02 she instantly goes like: 🙌🙌🙌

  5. Ally: What is your Guilty Pleasure?
    Lauren: *points at Camila*

    I think there still might be a chance that Camren is alive!

  6. No one is gonna talk about the fact that my little sunshine Ally can look hot asf just by wearing a simple pizza shirt? 😍❤️🔥


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