Bleachers – The World According to Jack Antonoff (Vevo)

Just go ahead and call Jack Antonoff a renaissance man. He produces, writes and performs for himself and others, and a handful of these "others" are some of pop's top names. Lorde, Taylor Swift, Sia, and Fifth Harmony have all collaborated with the wildly-respected Jersey native. Working as Bleachers, Antonoff also crafts some of modern music's wittiest stuff. The latest Bleachers album, Gone Now, dropped in June, and we invited Jack to sit down for a "World According To" session that stretched from his adoration of the HBO classic, 'The Wire' to his irritation at what transpires at airports these days. Oh yeah, he also weighs in on hedgehogs and bagels, too.

Animation: Dan Blaushild
Executive Producer: Joseph Patel
Producers: Priya Minhas, Lori Schmon
Camera: Cameron Robert
Editors: Lika Kumoi, Kevin Rose
Sound Design: Michael Levesque Jr. @ PlushNYC
Production Coordinator: Hailey Rovner

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  1. great to hear what jack has to say but man, vevo, couldn’t think of anything except to take pitchfork’s over/under segment? lol

    • @code rainbow She does, she’s one of the few pop stars who writes the majority of her music, and she’s heavily involved in the production. But jack is responsible for most of the 80ties syth pop sound that she’s been using since the 1989 era.. They probably owe each other a lot for the projection of their carriers.

    • oo oo yeah okay cool I looked up her discography on Wikipedia and yeah she writes all of her music with or without co-writers and co-produces. cool


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