Our planet has had millions of years to create its masterpieces, and it seems that it worked pretty hard. The Earth is rich with magnificent places — completely natural or ’improved’ by humans, they fascinate us and make us eager to travel and see everything ourselves. Our world is wonderful, and today, we'll tell you about some rare places that are extremely clean.

Have you ever been to India? The river in Dawki is a kayaker’s dream. It’s emerald and so transparent you can see all the way to the bottom: bright pebbles, stones, and fish…the colorful fishing boats seem to be floating on glass! Blue Lake in New Zealand is one of the world’s clearest lakes. It’s basically like looking at distilled water, you can even see blue-violet shades in it. And the Southern Ocean near Antarctica has the cleanest air in the world!


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Meghalaya, Dawki, India 05/12/2015 Everyday Fishing on Dawki river in Dawki, India Bangladesh Border, Meghalaya, India: By Abhijeet Khedgikar/Shutterstock.com,
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