Who doesn't like brainteasers and challenging riddles? It's always a 'yes' when it comes to boosting brain power. Also it's a great exercise to train your ability to choose. Are you that person who also doubts choices: like how to dress up, which meal to pick, or where to travel next? This session of riddles will train your skill of making quick and smart choices based on the right arguments. Don't forget to write in the comments, which of the choices was the hardest.

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0:00 Who didn't help build the doghouse?
0:19 How did they know she's not their bandmate?
1:04 How many watermelons did he bring to the market?
1:27 Who's lying?
2:33 Why didn't she win?
3:02 Who's not a human?
3:21 How old is the dog?
3:58 Which student was cheating?
4:29 How can he get out of the basement?
5:06 How could he know his companion was smiling?
5:37 Which one is his real wife?
6:15 Why did they set him free?
7:00 How many people are in the picture?
7:40 Which one rode the scooter?
8:11 Which watch is real?
8:40 Who's the thief?
9:20 What is the missing number?
9:38 How long does it take to count 70 books?
10:03 Who is the candy from?
10:35 Who was responsible for the accident?
11:33 Where's the bank robber?
12:11 Why did he run toward the car first?

Animation is created by Bright Side.
Music by Epidemic Sound

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