Landing is really rough sometimes. Also, everybody knows that the most critical times are landing and taking off. If you wanna ease or get rid of this fear, you should know how exactly a plane lands.

Why is landing often bumpy? (In fact, a rough landing has its benefits.) Why do pilots make a circle around the city before landing? Can an airplane land in strong crosswinds? These are just some of the most common questions about one of the most “interesting” parts of the flight. Let’s get them answered!

Why do planes point up even when they’re flying down? 0:20
Why do pilots dim cabin lights during landing? 0:56
Do runway light patterns have a meaning? 1:26
Why do pilots sometimes dump fuel before landing? 2:00
Do planes really talk to pilots just before landing? 2:33
What do pilots call “the ground effect”? 3:06
Why is landing often bumpy? 3:41
Why is descent so long compared to takeoff? 4:16
Why do planes make a circle around the city before landing? 4:53
Why do they land sideways in strong crosswinds? 5:30
How do planes land in zero visibility? 6:53

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